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Prices, Delivery, Export shipment, Government authorizations, Force Majeure, Payments, Warranty, Patents, Limitation of liability, Nuclear use, Dispute resolution, General 항목으로 구성된 영문 수출판매계약서입니다.
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한중 수출입 표준계약서(Model Terms Of Contracts F 수출물품 매매계약서(표준) 공급계약서/플랜트 수출계약서(Supply Agreement)
수출계약서(기본서식) 국제 항공 통행 계약서(International Air Services (영문) 플랜트 수출계약서
(영문) 판매계약서(Sales Agreement) 표준계약서(Model Terms Of Contracts For Sale 상품판매 계약서(표준)
상품 판매계약서(Contract for Sale of Goods) (영문) 장기 수출공급계약 (영문) 물품 매매계약서(Sales Contract)
수출 매매계약서(독점적 수출판매권을 가지는 경우) 한중 수출입 표준계약서 작성가이드(한글번역본) 위탁판매 계약서 CONSIGNMENT AGREEMENT
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제1조 Prices

제2조 Delivery

제3조 Export shipment

제4조 Gove ment authorizations
제5조 Force Majeure

제6조 Payments

제7조 Warranty

제8조 Patents
제9조 Limitation of liability

제10조 Nuclear use

제11조 Dispute resolution

제12조 General
목차미리보기본문 내용작성가이드연관 추천서식추천상품서식사전 top

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export sale agreement heavy equipment
unless otherwise agreed in writing, the following standard conditions of sale shall apply to any order accepted by canadian seller
limited (herein called the seller).
1) prices
a) prices are fob halifax, canada, or to such other point as is named herein by seller, and include standard packing charges for u
nderdeck shipments.there will be an extra charge for tests performed in the presence of the purchaser or tests that are different from those normally made by seller.
b) prices include all applicable canadian taxes except those from which exemption may be secured by reason of exportation.the purc
haser on request shall furnish evidence of exportation establishing tax exemption when required by seller.if such evidence is not furnished upon request or if the shipment does not qualify for such exemption the purchaser shall reimburse seller for such taxes upon submission of invoices therefore.
c) prices quoted do not include canadian import duties.such duties will be to sellers account.on the request of seller the purchas
er will provide documents and assistance necessary to process sellers drawback claims.
d) unless otherwise stated, prices are in canadian funds.
2) delivery
a) delivery dates are estimated and are based receipt by seller of: (1) an order and all information necessary to permit seller to
proceed with work immediately and without interruption; (2) satisfactory assurance of compliance with the terms of payment agreed upon; and (3) such evidence as seller may request that any required export permit or import license has been issued.
b) seller shall deliver the products to the purchaser fob halifax, canada, or to such other point as is named herein by seller.if,
when the products or any part thereof are ready for delivery, such delivery cannot be made because of force majeure or an act of the purchaser, seller may place the products in storage.in such event, all expenses incurred by seller in connection with placing the products in storage, such as preparation for and delivery into storage, handling, storage and insurance, shall be payable by the purchaser upon submission of invoices thereof.title shall pass to the purchaser upon delivery fob halifax, canada, or fob point of storage, when goods are stored as herein provided.on such passing of title the purchaser shall assume all risk of loss or damage.
3) export shipment
if seller agrees to make export shipment all fees and expenses, including, but not limited to, those covering preparation of consu
lar invoices, storage, marine insurance and war risk insurance, shall be payable by the purchaser upon submission of invoices therefore.unless otherwise instructed by the purchaser, seller will prepare consular documents according to its best judgment but without liability for fines or other charges due to error or incorrect declarations.
4) government authorizations
the purchaser shall be responsible for obtaining any required authorizations such as an export permit, import license or exchange
permit except that if seller is to make the export shipment, seller will apply for any required export permit.whoever is the proper party under the applicable regulations shall make prompt application for any canadian government authorization that may be required to permit the export of the products.the parties shall assist each other in every manner possible in securing such authorizations as may be required.seller shall not be responsible if any authorization is denied, revoked, restricted or not renewed and the purchaser shall not be relieved of his obligation to either accept delivery of and pay seller for the products when export thereof is authorized, or in the absence of authorization, cancellation charges.
5) force majeure
seller shall not be liable for delay or non-performance of the contract or any part thereof, resulting directly or indirectly from
a) earthquakes;
b) epidemics;
c) act of any governmental authority, domestic or foreign, including but not limited to war, declared or undeclared, priorities, q
uarantines, embargoes, licensing controls or production or distribution restrictions;
d) accidents and disruptions including but not limited to fires, explosions, breakdowns of essential machinery or equipment and po   (이하 생략)
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