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유료회원 AGENCY AGREEMENT(국문설명) - 섬네일 1page
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agreement agency 설명 국문
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1. 당사자 표시 및 전문
2. Appointment of Agent
3. Deration
4. Gereral conditions
5. Commission
6. Minimum Sales
7. Warranties
8. Advertisement
9. Maintenance of stock
10. Status of the Agent
11. Termination
12. Settlement of Dispute and Gove ing Law
13. Miscellaneous Provisions

agency agreement(2)
this agreement made and entered into on this ( )th day of ( ).19( ), by and between abc company, ltd., a corporation duly organize
d and existing under the laws of the republic of of korea, having its principal place of business at (hereinafter referred to as the company) and (agent의 회사명, 또는 개인명) a corporation duly organized and existing under the laws of (agent의 국적명), having its principal office at (agent의 주사무소의 주소), (hereinafter referred to as the agent).
witnesseth :
whereas, company desires to appoint agent on a/an (exclusive/non-exclusive) basis to assist and promote its sales activities in (판
매지역) and agent desires to provide such assistance and services to company.
now, therefore, the parties hereto agree as follows;
article 1.(appointment of agent)
1.the company hereby appoints the agent as its (exclusive/non-exclusive) agent in the territory specified in (schedule a) attached
hereto (hereinafter referred to as territory), for the sale of the products as specified in (schedule b) hereto (hereinafter referred to as products).
schedule a and b may be amended by mutual written consent of the parties.
2.the agent shall not, in the territory, deal in any products and/or goods, nor shall it represent any other suppliers or manufact
urers of any products and/or goods, which are in the opinion of company similar to or competitive with the products to be supplied or manufactured by company pursuant hereto.
3.it is hereby expressly agreed and declared by and between the parties hereto that all customers heretofore or at any time hereaf
ter called on by or introduced to the agent are customers of the company and are not customers of the agent nor has the agent any proprietorial interest therein or in any list of such customers.
article 2.(duration)
this agreement shall continue in full force and effect from the date on which it is signed by both parties hereto, until (계약만료예정일)
.upon expiration of the said term, this agreement shall be automatically renewed, unless no later than thirty (30)days prior to the date on which this agreement would otherwise be extended a party gives written notice of termination to the other party hereto, and shall continue thereafter in full force and effect until terminated at any time by either party giving the other three (3) month notice in writing to terminate this agreement.
article 3 (general conditions)
1.the agent shall during the continuance of this agreement diligently and faithfully serve the company as its agent and shall unde
rtake to use its best endeavours to maximize the sale of the products in the territory and shall maintain and safeguard the goodwill, reputation, prestige and interest of the company and shall not do anything that will prevent such sale or interfere with the development of the trade in the territory.
2.the company may from time to time furnish the agent with a statement of the minimum prices at which the products are respectivel to be sold, and the agent shall not sell bellow such minimum prices unless it has first obtained the companys express authorization to vary such prices, but shall endeavour in each case to obtain the best price obtainable.
3.the agent may not be entitled to sell any of the products to any person or company residing outside the territory except with th
e companys prior written consent.
4.the agent agrees that it shall promptly advise the company of any inquiries or orders for the products whether within or outside
the territory which may from time to time be received by the agent and upon receipt by the agent of any order for the products the agent shall immediately transmit such order to the company.
5.if the company decides to proceed with any such inquiry or order it shall forward direct to the customer an acknowledgement of t
he order for such products.in cases where the products are to be delivered in the territory the company shall forward to the agent a duplicate copy of the invoice sent with the products to the customer and in like manner shall from time to time inform the agent when payment is made by the customer to the company.
6.the agent shall cause any customer to open with an international first class bank acceptable to the company an irrevocable lette
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