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유료회원 (영문) 서비스 계약서(Service Level Agreement)-웹호스트 - 섬네일 1page
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(영문) 서비스 계약서(Service Level Agreement)-웹호스트

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Hosted Service Uptime Goal, Maintenance schedule and notification procedures, Escalation Contact List 등으로 구성된 영문 서비스 계약서 입니다.
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agreement 웹호스트 service 호스트 서비스 계약서 계약문


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제1조 Hosted Service Uptime Goal

제2조 Maintenance schedule and notification procedures

제3조 Change Management Plans and Notification Procedures

제4조 Escalation Contact List

and content server service level agreement
1) hosted service uptime goal
a) uptime/availability statement:
the availability of and content server depends on many factors, including x connection to the internet, the availability of the in
ternet and internet backbone, and equipment that, by its nature, is not fault tolerant. x will use commercially reasonable efforts to make available to all clients access and use (over the internet) 24 hours per day, 7 days per week except for periods of scheduled maintenance.
historically, and content server (since its operational date) have maintained an average 99.5 percent uptime rate.
b) performance statement:
the technical requirements denote minimum standards to utilize x
software/courseware/services/features via and content server but they do not guarantee performance or perception of performance. x
continually monitors our hosted platform to maximize and improve performance.as new technology becomes available, x will evaluate that technology and implement it into and content server at its discretion.variables beyond the physical control of x that may affect performance but are not limited to clients network protocols and bandwidth; clients internet connection; clients isp; and general internet traffic.
2) maintenance schedule and notification procedures
a) maintenance schedule
scheduled maintenance occurs (minimally) on the first saturday of each month. x retains the right to schedule downtimes at any tim
e, without advanced prior notice or coordination, for emergencies if such downtimes will prevent outages of and content server at critical times. x will use commercially reasonable efforts for planned maintenance during u.s.non-business hours.
b) maintenance notification
(이하 생략)

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