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유료회원 (영문) 소프트웨어 라이센스 계약서(National Instruments Software License Agreement) - 섬네일 1page
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(영문) 소프트웨어 라이센스 계약서(National Instruments Software License Agreement)

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Definitions, Grant of License, Restrictions, Transfer, Upgrades, Home Usage Exception, Modifications of Driver Interface Software, Multiple Versions 등의 항목으로 구성된 영문 소프트웨어 라이센스 계약서 입니다.
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제1조 Definitions.

제2조 Grant of License.

제3조 Restrictions.

제4조 Transfer.

제5조 Upgrades.

제6조 Home Usage Exception.

제7조 Modifications of Driver Interface Software.

제8조 Multiple Versions (CD-ROM Media).

제9조 Software/Hardware Key.

제10조 Copyright; No Other Licenses.

제11조 Patent and Trademark Notice.

제12조 Application Deployment.

제13조 Limited Warranty.

제14조 Customer Remedies.

제15조 No Other Warranties.
제16조 Intellectual Property Liability.

제17조 Limitation On Liability.

제18조 Wa ing.

제19조 U.S. Gove ment Restricted Rights.

제20조 Compliance.

제21조 Termination.

제22조 General.

national instruments software license agreement
installation notice: this is a contract.before you download the software and/or complete the installation process, carefully read
this agreement.by downloading the software and/or clicking the applicable button to complete the installation process, you consent to the terms of this agreement and you agree to be bound by this agreement.if you do not wish to become a party to this agreement and be bound by all of its terms and conditions, click the appropriate button to cancel the installation process, do not install or use the software, and return the software within thirty (30) days of receipt of the software (including all accompanying written materials, along with their containers) to the place you obtained them.all returns shall be subject to nis then current return policy.
1.definitions.as used in this agreement, the following terms have the following meanings:
a.you.means you the individual using the software as well as your employer if you are using the software within the scope of your
b.ni.means (i) national instruments corporation, a company organized under the laws of the state of delaware, u.s.a., if the softw
are is manufactured in the u.s.a.; (ii) national instruments (ireland) limited, a company organized under the laws of the republic of ireland, if the software is manufactured in the republic of ireland or the software is diadem, diadem clip, diadem insight, or dasylab; and (iii) national instruments europe kft, a limited liability company organized under the laws of hungary, if the software is manufactured in hungary.if you are not sure where the software is manufactured, please contact national instruments corporation, 11500 n.mopac expressway, austin, texas, u.s.a.xxxx.xx.xx (attention: legal department).
c.software.means the computer software programs provided with this agreement and which are being installed together with all accom
panying documentation, utilities, and driver interface software.if the software is part of a ni suite product, the term software means all of the applicable ni software programs comprising the applicable suite (including all accompanying documentation, utilities, and driver interface software) you have acquired.software includes all upgrades that may be provided by ni and all multiple access software.driver interface software means national instruments driver interface software (e.g., ni-488, ni-488.2, ni-daq, ni-vxi, ni-visa, etc.).
d.upgrade.means any supplemental or replacement code for computer software you have previously licensed from ni.
e.authorized applications.means only those applications that: (i) you create with development versions of the software that you ha
ve validly licensed and (ii) which do not, as solely determined by ni, perform (by themselves or in combination with other products) the same or similar functions as (or are otherwise intended to replace or supplant any component of) the software or any other software of ni.notwithstanding the foregoing, any application created with the software acquired under an evaluation license is not an authorized application.
2.grant of license.in consideration of payment of the applicable fees to ni, ni is willing to provide you with a limited, non-excl
usive right to use the software, but only pursuant to the terms and conditions of this agreement.the software is in use when loaded into temporary memory (i.e., ram) or installed into permanent memory (e.g., hard disk, cd-rom, network storage device, or other storage device).floating, concurrent, or shared use is not permitted under this agreement (i.e., allocating an individual license or one seat of a volume license to non-simultaneous use of the software (in whole or part) on multiple machines).the specific use rights granted you are as follows and depend upon the type of license you have acquired:
a.single seat license.if you have acquired a single seat license, you may install and use one copy of the software on a single com
puter in your workplace.all of the software must be installed and used on the same computer.you are not authorized under the single seat license to install or use any of the software on multiple computers, a network storage device, or other storage device.
b.volume license.if you have acquired a the right to use the software on multiple seats under the volume license program license (
vlp ), you shall install and use the volume license manager software tool ( vlm ) provided to you by ni and you may distribute the master installation disk(s) containing the software for internal installation and use only on those computers located at the site(s).as part of the vlp, you will receive support services (as defined below) for the software.the notes sub-section below contains important information and additional terms regarding the vlp.
c.multiple access license.if the software you are using is: (i) nis sds software, (ii) nis ni-488.2 software for gpib-enet or gpib
-enet/100, or (iii) nis fieldpoint explorer software (individually or collectively, multiple access software), you may install and use the software (including any or all versions thereof as provided by ni) on any number of computers or storage devices in your workplace solely for the purpose of accessing nis serial device server hardware product in the case of nis sds software, solely for the purpose of accessing ethernet to gpib controllers in the case of nis ni-488.2 software for gpib-enet or gpib-enet/100, and solely for the purpose of accessing fieldpoint serial or ethernet network modules in the case of nis fieldpoint explorer software.
d.debug license.if you have acquired a debug license, you must have licensed the applicable software components (as identified bel
ow) under a separate single seat or volume license with ni and you may now under the debug license install such software components on one (1) additional target production computer (for each debug license acquired).each of the applicable components must be used on the same target production computer and solely for debug purposes only.in no event may you use the components for developing new programs (e.g., test sequences/modules, virtual instruments, etc.).your debug license will immediately terminate should you use the components on more than one (1) target machine per each debug license or in any manner other than for debugging existing programs.if the software is teststand, then the applicable components are: (i) the teststand runtime execution engine for executing your sequences and the complete teststand sequence editor development environment; and (ii) one (1) copy of labview and applicable software toolkits or modules; and (iii) one (1) copy of labwindows/cvi and applicable software toolkits or modules.if the software is labview, then the applicable component is one (1) copy of labview and applicable software toolkits or modules.if the software is labwindows/cvi, then the applicable component is one (1) copy of labwindows/cvi and applicable software toolkits or modules.
e.academic and labview student edition license.if the software is labview student edition, you have acquired a student edition lic
ense and may only use the software for personal education purposes and not for any other purpose, including research and commercial purposes.if you wish to acquire any other academic license (including one for research or classroom use), please contact an ni representative.
f.evaluation license.if you have acquired an evaluation license, you may install and use one (1) copy of the software on a single
computer in your workplace for internal evaluation purposes only.all of the software must be installed and used on the same computer.your license is for your own internal use only.therefore, notwithstanding anything in this agreement to the contrary, you may not distribute or transfer any applications you create with the software.you also agree to use reasonable efforts to provide feedback to ni regarding your use of the software, including promptly reporting to ni errors or bugs that you might find.you also acknowledge and agree that the software is evaluation only and/or pre-release software.as such, the software may not be fully functional and you assume the entire risk as to the results and performance of the software.ni will not update the software, nor will ni support the software.the software may contain code that will, after a certain time period, deactivate the software and render the software unusable.although the software will attempt to warn you of the time-frame in which it will be disabled, you acknowledge and agree that the software may be deactivated or rendered unusable with or without warning.upon such deactivation, this agreement will be considered terminated.prior to deactivation of the software, you may contact ni to convert your evaluation license for the software to a single seat license by paying to ni the applicable license fee and obtaining from ni the applicable authorization code(s).ni may (in its sole discretion and upon notice to you) terminate the evaluation license, whereupon this agreement will be considered terminated.
g.notes.the following applies to the vlp (volume license program):
(1) program requirements.you shall designate a separate software administrator for each site and shall promptly notify ni in writi
ng of any changes to the software administrator(s).ni will deliver the master installation disks for the software and the vlm to the software administrator(s).the vlm shall be installed and used in accordance with the documentation that accompanies it.if you have existing individual, single seat licenses for the software that are to be covered by the vlp, (i) you shall notify ni in writing of the product, platform, and serial number information for each such single seat license, (ii) each such single seat license shall (as of the vlp effective date) no longer be in effect and shall be superseded by the vlp, and (iii) all individual serial numbers for each such single seat license shall be cancelled and replaced by a single, common serial number assigned to the vlp.regarding support services, ni reserves the right to restrict support services to the then most current version of the software that is commercially available.
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