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유료회원 (영문) 저희 상담원이 곧 전화 드리겠습니다.(Our Representative Will Call) - 섬네일 1page
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(영문) 저희 상담원이 곧 전화 드리겠습니다.(Our Representative Will Call)

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Representative 상담표 상담원 상담서 상담글 전화 영어


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our representative will call
dear (name):
the other day our representative, (name) called you when you were out.
therefore, he has asked that we write you to go over several important points discussed in the meeting of , l9 (date).
since our business opened (time) ago, we have learned that it was not enough just to furnish quality (kind of products).
no matter how good the products, they will not be reliable unless they are used properly.
therefore, our products are sold with a guarantee that one of our associates will be available for advise and instruction as you n
eed it.
for example, (name of representative) has been with us for over (time period).
he is very conscientious and will follow through whenever you need his help.
placing an order with (company) assures you of quality products as well as careful instructions and maintenance of the products.ours truly,
our representative will call
저희 상담원이 곧 전화 드리겠습니다.
회사의 정보를 설명하는 글입니다.
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