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유료회원 International Trade for Goods with Implied Document - 섬네일 1page
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International Trade for Goods with Implied Document

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In this contract, it refers to the assets and properties used necessary or required to operate the Business in the ordinary course.
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international document Implied trade goods


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international trade for goods with implied document
this international trade contract about commodities was completed and made by and between (purchaser) and (seller).(purchaser) and
(seller) are seldom referred to herein as the parties.(purchaser) and (seller) hereby have the same opinion to the following terms and conditions.
definition of terms
contractual obligation means, with respect to any person, liability, obligation, whether of payment or performance or otherwise ar
ising under or in connection with any contract, agreement, deed, mortgage, lease, license, commitment, promise, undertaking, arrangement or understanding, whether written or oral and whether express or implied, or other document or instrument including but not limited to any document or instrument evidencing or otherwise relating to any debt to which or by which such person is a party or otherwise subject or bound or to which or by which any property, business, operation or right of such person is subject or bound.
procedure upon termination
in the event of termination by purchaser or sellers, or both, pursuant to section hereof, written notice thereof shall forthwith b
e given to the other party or parties, and this agreement shall terminate, and the purchase of the purchased assets hereunder shall be abandoned, without further action by purchaser or sellers.if this agreement is terminated as provided herein each party shall use reasonable efforts to destroy or redeliver all documents, work papers and other material of any other party relating to the transactions contemplated hereby, whether so obtained before or after the execution hereof, to the party furnishing the same; and the same shall remain subject to the confidentiality provisions set forth in section.
effect of termination
if this agreement is validly terminated as provided herein, then each of the parties shall be relieved of its duties and obligatio
ns arising under this agreement effective on the date of such termination and such termination shall be without liability to purchaser or sellers; provided, however, that the obligations of the parties set forth in this section and section hereof shall survive any such termination and shall be enforceable hereunder.
representations and warranties of sellers
to induce purchaser to enter into and perform this agreement and to consummate the transactions contemplated hereby, each seller h
ereby jointly and severally represents and warrants purchasing as follows and subject to exceptions as listed in the attached schedules, the parties agreeing that only schedules pertaining to the purchased assets subject to this agreement will be so attached.
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