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유료회원 International Trade for Goods with Order Proof - 섬네일 1page
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International Trade for Goods with Order Proof

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In this contract, it refers to any relevant international agreements in relation to health, safety and environment, and in particular to the marking of hazardous goods.
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international trade proof order goods


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international trade for goods with order proof
this agreement regarding product is completed by and between (company a) and (company b).(company a) and (company b) are occasiona
lly referred to herein as the parties.(company a) and (company b) hereby have the same view to the following terms and conditions.
package means any kind of package including bags, cases, carboys, cylinders, drums, pallets, tank wagons and other containers.cert
ified officer means our employee certified, either normally or specially, by us to sign our acquisition order, proof of which may be obtained from the purchasing officer.
the contract
the contract shall not comprise any of your conditions of sale, despite reference to them in any certificate.however, should this
contract be held by a court of capable jurisdiction to include your terms and conditions of sale then in the event of any divergence or apparent conflict these general conditions of acquisition shall always prevail over your terms and conditions of sale?
quality and description
a.) unless purposely required under the agreement, there shall be no asbestos content in the goods.
work on our premises
a.) you shall guarantee that you and your employees, your sub-contractors and their employees and any other person connected with ou, will obey with any regulations that we may notify to you in writing.
progress and inspection
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