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유료회원 (영문/한글)  은행 송금 신청서 완료 요청문(Appeal to Complete Bank Transfer Payment Form) - 섬네일 1page
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(영문/한글) 은행 송금 신청서 완료 요청문(Appeal to Complete Bank Transfer Payment Form)

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transfer complete payment 요청서 요청문 요청글 신청표


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appeal to complete bank transfer payment form
date given:
to mr./ miss :
our staff has obtained your requisition on the phone and we appreciate your making such orders from us.we are confirming the shipm
ent for 55 sacks of brazilian coffee beans and 50 sacks of sumatra coffee.it will be imported to you in a weeks time.
since this is the first time that you have ordered, we are sending this to remind you that you must complete the bank transfer pay
ment form by affixing your signature on it.in this way, we are given authorization to transact with your contact bank.
we are hoping that you will continue doing business with us.we will look forward to future orders from you.

은행 송금 신청서 완료 요청문
쓰여진 날짜:
남/여 귀하 :
저희 직원에게 전화를 통해 주문 신청해주신 점 정말 감사 합니다.저희는 브라질 산 커피 콩 55자루와 수마트라 커피 50 자루 배송을 확인했습니다.

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