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무료회원 임대차계약서(영문 임대차 계약 예시) - 섬네일 1page
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임대차계약서(영문 임대차 계약 예시)

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한국무역협회에서 제공한 무역서식으로 임대차계약서예시문 입니다. (출처:한국무역협회)
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<임대차계약서 예시>
lease agreement
this agreement is made and entered into this (date) day of (month), 200 , between lessor inc., a korean corporation with its regis
tered head office at (the lessor) and lessee corp., a corporation with its registered head office at (the lessee).
a.lessor is engaged in the business of the production and sale of.
and related products(collectively, the products) in korea; and
b.lessee wants to lease from lessor and lessor is willing to lease to lessee a certain real property and facilities for the produc
tion and marketing of the products.
now, therefore, in consideration of the premises and mutual covenants hereinafter, the parties hereby agree as follows:
article 1.term
the lease under this agreement(the lease) shall be effective for years from (the commencement date) to , provided that such term m
ay be adjusted by mutual agreement of the parties.
article 2.leases properties
lessor shall lease to lessee and lessee shall lease from lessor those real properties (the leased premises) and facilities necessa
ry for the manufacturing and marketing of the products, which are particularly described in exhibit a(collectively, the leased properties)

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